March 16, 2016

New Annuals 2016

March 16, 2016


As spring is approaching, we look at what we will be growing this year in terms of annuals in our yards, baskets, and containers. It is always so much fun discovering what new varieties the plant geniuses have developed for us greenhouse people to grow for the following spring. And, this year there are some cool new things.


Begonia "Unbelievable First Kiss"

This is an interspecific series with serrated deep, almost black, green leaves that accent large, semi-double blossoms. This plant is tough and versatile, and performs extremely well in containers and baskets. It has bright blush pink blossoms and is extremely heat tolerant.


Superbells "Holy Moly'

This new superbell calibrachoa with mottled yellow and cherry-red bi colored flowers is sure to stand out in any container. Low maintenance, extremely heat tolerant. these are a 6-10 inch plant. They become covered in hundreds of blooms. Feed it weekly, and watch it shine.


Bidens "Campfire"

Most of us are familiar with the yellow varieties of Bidens, but this one comes in an amazing half yellow and half red-orange color. Extremely vigorous and heat tolerant, it requires no dead-heading and makes a great filler..


Supertunia "Picasso In Blue"

This purple-blue with lime green edge petunia is a definite show stopper. It gets 8-12 inches in height and trails up to 36 inches. Feed it regularly and watch it flourish. This petunia is absolutely stunning with lime green potato vine.


Dahlias "XXL Series"

This dahlia collection is a new and very exciting line. It consists of a large assortment of full double flower varieties. The compact growing habit makes this series a wonderful addition to garden. Very heat and sun tolerant. Sturdy plants that boast large flowers up to 6 inches..


Till next week happy gardening.

Febraury 17, 2016

If you are eager for Spring, Begonias get you started

February 17,2016


Is it the time of winter when all you can think about is Spring? With sunny days and warming temperatures, it is easy to get carried away with thinking that Spring is really close. However, being frost free is still 3 months aways. Starting too early can lead to disappointment. If you don’t have enough growing space and supplemental light inside, plants will get overgrown and vulnerable to breaking. A great way to have an excuse to start growing now, is begin with begonias.


Begonias are easy to grow and need low light to thrive. They are slow to start, but will continue to bloom for the entire year. Most commonly, they come in bulbs this time of year at your local garden centre. The bulbs aren’t much to look at, but they produce some of the most gorgeous hanging baskets and shade flowers. If you want to grow plants for hanging baskets, choose a pendula variety as these flow over the rim of the baskets. For planters and flower gardens, choose non-stop varieties as they have amazingly large upright blossoms.


Simply place a bulb in a few inches of Nurseryland Potting Mix, Keep moist, warm, and up it will grow. With the first waterings, use with liquid Kelp as this will help produce angel hair-like fibrous roots. These roots allow the plant to be able to absorb more food and grow larger. After the bulb is fully rooted in its container, often around 2-3 weeks, start using small amounts of Nurseryland Power Bloom water soluble fertilizer 10-40-25 with every watering. This is a perfect recipe for large, strong blossoms.


For the first time, we are making Begonia starter plants available for people who already want a growing plant. They are very affordable, so you can grab a few colours to get started.


Remember, it doesn’t have to be May to get your hands dirty. Start your Spring with the right plants that will satisfy your excitement and reap the benefits in summer with beautiful gardens.

February 15, 2016

10 Neat Things - Herbs From the Kitchen Counter to the Dinner Plate

January 20, 2016


Eating fresh food in Winter - Fresh personally grown produce is hard to find in February. A way to have the satisfaction of eating personally grown food is to dress your winter dishes with herbs that you can grow on your windowsill.

Start from Seed - You can easily start your own indoor herb garden from seed this time of year. If you are starting from seed, use a quality potting mix like Nurseryland Indoor Potting Soil. Avoid using regular garden soil, as it is too heavy for container growing without amending it.

Which one to choose - For indoor gardening, consider choosing compact or dwarf varieties to fit smaller spaces. Creeping herbs like oregano or thyme are much easier to maintain than dill or cilantro. You can plant a medley of herbs in one pot, but you will need to harvest the more aggressive plants often in order to keep one herb from taking over the whole pot.

Container - For indoor use, you can use a variety of containers to fit your needs. You can use a pot with hole and a separate tray, a pot with an attached tray, or insert a pot with holes as a cache pot into a pot without drainage. Using a cache pot removes the need for a tray and recovers easily from accidental drowning your plant.

Sunny Spot - Most herbs will do well in a south-facing window. If your herbs have long stems and small leaves, it means the herbs desire more light. T5 Grow Lights are easy to install in most situations. They come in 2`, 3`, or 4`lengths to fit your space. You want to see vigorous growth and compact leaves for a more frequent harvest.

Watering Needs - Water your plants regularly to keep the soil moist, but never soggy. Water should be saturating the entire pot without any water sitting at the bottom. Watering will be periodical at first, but will increase as the herb matures in the pot.

Feeding the Herbs - Regularly feeding your herbs will produce more snacks to eat and more quickly. Liquid fertilizers are easy and great to use, such as Dutch Treat Seaweed fertilizer. Also, you can use an all purpose fertilizer like 10-10-10.

A few hot pics - Basil is a favourite in many kitchens. Basil likes lots of sun and warmth, so definitely place the pot in a south-facing window. Thyme and oregano are also great herbs to try. Thyme will grow in an east- or west-facing window. Parsley is a versatile herb that gives a great top dressing to eggs in the morning or a perfect garnish for supper.

Experiment - Eating habits can change with the seasons. By experimenting with fresh herbs, your cooking habits will change as your palette thirsts for fresh taste even in winter.

10. Share - Once you get a few herbs growing, they may produce more growth than you can eat. If you are visiting a friend, family member or neighbour, asking to see if they would appreciate some fresh grown herbs helps everyone get over the winter blues. One of my secret indulgences is to rub them in my hands and breathe in the uplifting scent. Till next time… happy indoor gardening.

December 3, 2015

The Guide for the Christmas Tree Hunter


One the strongest symbols of the Christmas is the live Christmas tree. The scent and touch spreads the excitement for the season. As we may label them as all Christmas trees, not all trees are equal. There are many types to choose from with different aspects that offer strength that will fit your needs of Christmas trees. With following a few helpful tips, you will ensure having the tree that fits the best with your family Christmas.


How to get the longest life? This is the one of biggest difficulty for people and steer them to choosing artificial trees. The biggest factor that can prevent a try from going brown too soon is to not buy a tree that has been frozen. Every time the tree freezes and thaws, the needles lose their ability to stay green. Even transporting to home in freezing temperatures, can produce damage. Buying a tree that has never been frozen is the best way to have green tree till January


The tree needs a fresh cut at the stump to get the water flowing within the tree. Ideally the tree should be in warm water in under 20 minutes, from the cut being done. After it is in water, don't let the tree run dry. If it does, the tree will need a new cut.


Which kind tree is the best? The best tree is the right tree for you and what your family tradition is.


The Nordman is the classic perfect tree. The Nordman fir tree captures what I think is the best qualities for the classic tree. The branches are tight, it smells fresh, and the colour is a deep glossy green. For the traditional tree, this wins my vote. If you celebrate Ukrainian Christmas, this tree will keep for you January Christmas.


Noble fir is the Nordman with a twist. The strong branching of thee Noble tree gives decorating a snap. It can handle larger ornaments and lights. If there is someone who is sensitive to fir scent, this tree has the least scent. This is a very pretty tree that won’t disappoint.


Fraser fir is tough. If you have had a bad experience with a tree going dry too soon, this is one you should try. It has tight upright branching for easy decorating. Many people have found great success with this tree and never stray from this variety. A distinct characteristic is the silver tinge to the needles which makes this tree have a natural bling.


Grand fir is a soft needle tree with the best punch. This tree has the best fragrance that will fill the room with Christmas spirit. Smell the tree before you buy it to experience it's unique aroma. The soft needles won't allow for lots of lights, but it's delicate nature makes it best choice for a natural trail theme. If you are going for simple decorations, grand fir is the one that will make it beautiful naked.


Douglas fir is a great introductory tree. If you haven't had a fresh tree in a while, this tree in great way to experience the live tree again. The scent is strong, branching is nice, and it is more affordable. It has softer needles, so if the tree is in a high traffic area this tree won't bite back if it is bumped into.


Celebrating Christmas is a magical time. The tree is such a focal point that you want the scent and the look to be right for your situation for a great December. When you shop for a tree smell it and touch it, and you will find the one that is going to make 2015 a special Christmas.